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At we provide models and other bespoke items particular to the Scenographers’ process – Including all those things that, through the years, we have made over and over again, saving valuable time! We’ll also be selling Limited items, Gifts and Cards too. Watch this space!


We’d like to become a sounding board for makers and designers. It occurred to us that there wasn’t really anywhere that was especially tailored to the needs of theatre designers and their assistants. A specialist bunch of professionals, with challenging budgets and deadlines. So here we are, and what can we do for you?

Here for a limited period we are offering a Gift 1:12.5 chair with Initials of your choice.

Just click SHOP on the menu and place your order. Also coming very soon – our whole range at 1:12.5 scale.

Feel free to contact us with your requests and to check our availability.

materials and equipment

Contact us. Let’s feature and develop what you need.

gifts for scenographers

Treat someone with something small.